Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The paintbrush slipped...

And my skeleton became a Zombie Skellie.

I'm taking Michael deMeng's Skullduggery online class at the moment.  Like all his classes, it is interesting, teaches me all I know about using paint and mixing colours, as well as covering assemblage, clay, right glues for right places... and they're well-edited.  However my wee skeletons ended up fauxfolksy and zombified.  Let me quote:
"... Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Not only is this a marvelous event where relatives celebrate the memories of the deceased, but it is also a chance for the living to mock the reaper. It’s a way for the living to say: “Neener, neener you haven’t got me yet”. One of the ways that Mexicans do this is with little skeletal toys known as “calacas”. Usually they are playful scenes where the skeletons are in the engaged in everyday activities, riding bicycles, walking dogs, dancing with devils (okay, so this one is perhaps not an everyday activity). The idea is to have a little fun with one's mortality. Well, that is what we’ll be doing in class. Using doll parts, action figures, and other found objects student will create little skeletons that will tickle your funny bone."
My "people" are enjoying a good harvest ("Neener neener, we won't starve to death THIS winter".  The All-seeing Eye of God is overseeing it all, of course.
I like the crisp stamping I got from Rubber Dance feather into clay, into which I settled the eye-bearing wings. (It's my photography that's a bit blurry)
The awesome wooden shrine/altar frames come from Silver Crow Creations, as do the fruit, wings (clear plastic which I coloured with alcohol inks.)  I made the skelicat (or is it a skuldoggery up to some skulduggery)  If I made more I'd be better at them haha.
Onwards, ever onwards through the 31 Days of Halloween Blog Hop, the link on the sidebar will take you away from me alas, but to discover more inspiration for you to appease our evil little froggy.


  1. Hahaha....awesome fun and freaky creation...and educational too! :D XXX

  2. You totally captured the spirit of Dia de los Muertos with this fab scene and educated me at the same time! I have a little devil all dried and formed of clay but unpainted ...he will not see a scene this 31 days! But I am sooo inspired by your work all of it! Awesome sauce to the max on this one! xx

  3. Fun to see the fireplace as a
    scene for the "people".
    Great scene.
    thanks for sharing.

  4. awesome Day of the Dead scene.every year you can build on it right?

  5. Love your cute skellie now zombie very colourful!

  6. Thanks everyone, I had such fun creating this piece - a great stash-buster.


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